did the Holiday Is observe DST after the rest of Queensland stopped?

Peter Ilieve peter at aldie.co.uk
Thu Oct 31 19:13:19 UTC 1996

> According to the current tz database, Queensland stopped observing DST
> after summer 1991/1992.  But the IATA SSIM (which I'm currently
> slogging through, thanks to Gwillim Law) says that the Holiday Islands
> (Hayman, Lindeman, Hamilton) observed DST through 1993/1994.  Does
> anyone know the true story here?

I know I am a long way away from the scene of the action, but from looking
at the map this looks about as likely as Eigg, Muck or Canna
having different DST rules from the rest of the UK; ie. not very. :-)

My Times Concise Atlas lists Hayman and Lindeman as being on either
side of Whitsunday Island. My Britannica Atlas doesn't list either
but gives 20.17S 148.59E for Whitsunday. Neither has any trace of

The whole of that coastline is peppered with islands just off the

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