FW: Time zone data

Olson, Arthur David OLSONA at dc37a.nci.nih.gov
Mon Dec 1 14:43:39 UTC 1997

Charlie Hendricksen is not on the time zone list;
please be sure that Charlie is included in any replies.


From: 	Charlie Hendricksen[SMTP:veritas at u.washington.edu]
Sent: 	Thursday, November 27, 1997 2:58 PM
To: 	ao1d at nih.gov
Subject: 	Time zone data

Mr. Olson,
      I found a reference to your timezone work in Bill
Thoen's page.  I poked around in the ftp server and noticed
five files, all nice and big!  I experienced difficulty in
extracting the tzarchive.gz. so I thought I would contact
you before trying any of the other files.
      I am interested in obtaining a file of the geocoded
boundaries of the time zones.  I realize that time zones are
marvelously complex and frequently changing, so I don't
expect perfection.  Since I have access to Arc/Info, I
prefer the GIS approach to laborious entry of data into a
      Can you steer me in the right direction?
          Charlie Hendricksen   veritas at u.washington.edu

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