tzcode1997h.tar.gz and tzdata1997j.tar.gz

Arthur David Olson ado
Thu Dec 18 23:03:09 UTC 1997

The files
are now available. These involve the minor changes to
put "TZif" at the start of each time zone information
file; a rule has also been added to the Makefile so you
	make zones
to just recompile the zone information files (rather
than doing a full "make install" with its other effects).

Folks had concerns about the "beta" approach to time
stamping of files; I expect to see some proposals for
alternate approaches on the mailing list shortly.

Note that ASCII stamps of the form
	yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
	yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss UCT
(or whatever variant of "UCT" is standard-compliant these
days) will "strcmp" correctly, are human readable, and avoid
2038 problems (though they do, of course, have 9999 problems).


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