8th EU Directive, French time

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at renault.fr
Thu Feb 27 09:38:52 UTC 1997

Chris Carrier wrote:
> Some questions for our UK/European correspondents:<...> 
> Also, is France going to move from GMT+1 to GMT+2 this spring

Clearly yes.

For those of us who are southern from Aequator, please note it would
be by the _northern_ spring and summer ;-)

> and are they still discussing remaining on the same time all year?
> (Perhaps permanent rule change might be deferred until the end of the
> 7th Directive in October 1997.)

As far as I can understand, yes.

I'm no relative from the government (hence I'm not an official), but the
official point is that France is proposing a change (no use of DST) only
in the scope of the 8th Directive.

It is not clear (to me) if the proposed change should apply only to
Metropolitan France, or if it shall apply to the whole Union (this
sounds odd), or if DST could be an option for the countries.

Hope it helps,


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