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Subject: The Year 2000 Problem Listserv

The Year 2000 problem is getting increasing attention and is
a matter of growing concern in this country and abroad.  There are
forums for discussion of technical aspects of the problem but
none that focus on the economic, social and political implications.

If you would be interested in participating in a forum on the y2k
(year two thousand) problem join the cpsr-2yk listserv!

      To subscribe to this list, you should send a message to

listserv at

       In the body of the message, write:

subscribe cpsr-y2k <firstname> <last name>

Norman Kurland (kurlandn at will be the
moderator of the list.

Here is a possible opening question:

What are the most critical economic, political and social
consequences of the Year 2000 Problem?  How should computer
professionals be dealing with them?

CPSR=Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
cpsr at
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Fax: (415)322-4748

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