Time zone files in tzdata96i.tar.gz

Brian Candler B.Candler at pobox.com
Sun Mar 30 20:31:48 UTC 1997

Package: tzdata95i.tar.gz    [from RedHat zoneinfo-96i-4.i386.rpm]

Symptom: The timezone /usr/lib/zoneinfo/Etc/GMT-6 does not work correctly;
if you use it, then set your clock using ntpdate, the system clock is 12
hours out. However if you use a different zoneinfo (e.g. America/Belize) it
works fine.

I believe the problem is in file "etcetera" in the tzdata package:

Zone	Etc/GMT-6	6	-	GMT-6
Zone	Etc/GMT-5	5	-	GMT-5
Zone	Etc/GMT-4	4	-	GMT-4
Zone	Etc/GMT+4	-4	-	GMT+4
Zone	Etc/GMT+5	-5	-	GMT+5
Zone	Etc/GMT+6	-6	-	GMT+6

It appears that the zone offsets in column 3 have the wrong sign - can you
check if this is the case?


Brian Candler.

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