Please help with general info

Mark Halliday halliday at
Sat Nov 22 23:53:48 UTC 1997

Hi.  I'm working on a project that requires rendering historical
data with gmt timestamps in various local timezones.  I found this
email address in the "europe" file in the glibc-2.0.5\time directory.
Can you point me to an overview of the files in this directory, or 
any other timezone conversion documentation?  Who is responsible
for maintaining the tables and code is this directory?
The Readme file refers to 
"tzdata1997a package by Arthur David Olsen"
I couldn't find any info about this package in the gnu ftp tree.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance,

# @(#)europe	7.45
# This data is by no means authoritative; if you think you know better,
# go ahead and edit the file (and please send any changes to
# tz at for general use in the future).

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