Montserrat, and FX for France

Infoman Inc. mpereira at
Mon Sep 1 18:22:52 UTC 1997

With respect to France FR and FX and numeric codes 249 and 250. I believe
that the FX has been withdrawn. FX, France Metropolitain  I beleive the be
used where France was part of the European Union (e.g. for import/export
purposes) and distinct from all the territories belonging to France.
Check with the secreteriat for ISO 3166, i.e. DIN on this. Further  now
that we have ISO 3166-2, it would be a godsend if all entities in ISO3166-1
which are not countries in their own right but dependencies of others to be
removed from 3166-1 and included in their apprapriate place in 3166-2.

Any other thoughts on this - Jake Knoppers

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