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August 19, 1997

DeskGate Announces Electronic Envelope for Email

DeskGate Technologies announces VIAexpress, the Universal Envelope for Email.
The product lets businesses encrypt, compress, and graphically enhance E-mail
messages and attachments. VIAexpress works with any Windows-based E-mail
package.  With VIAexpress, users drop messages into an electronic wrapper.
The technology is self-extracting so it can be opened in any WIN environment and
doesn't require software downloads to use.

"Imagine if all UPS delivery was instant, free of charge, had your company's
custom logo on each envelope, and had the front door to your company
enclosed" says Karl Minor, Vice President of DeskGate Technologies."This is

VIAexpress can be downloaded for free from
A comprehensive press release is also available at the site.
For more information about the product, please contact Chip Venters,
VP Marketing, at (703) 448-8599 or cventers at

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