Free Submission to 620 Search Engines

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Sat Sep 13 19:41:34 UTC 1997

Now when you sign up for web hosting with you
get free use of The Central Registry to submit your site to over 620 search
engines.* provides high speed virtual website
hosting services for $40.00 per month including the following:

- Automatic site retrieval and conversion to our servers for new customers (in most cases)
- Microsoft Front Page Server extensions
- Support for Active Server Pages & Microsoft Visual InterDev
- Free use of The Central Registry to submit your site to over 620 search engines*
- Comprehensive monthly web site statistics
- Choice of primary server country
- Unlimited bandwidth usage
- 5 inbound E-Mail boxes with E-Mail forwarding 
- FTP access with one username and password 
- Microsoft Access 97 
- Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 
- Microsoft Index Server 
- Microsoft Transaction Server 
- Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator 
- Microsoft Certificate Server - Coming with MS Internet Information Server 4.0 in October 1997 
- Ability to Administer your web site over the web - Coming with MS IIS 4.0 in October 1997 
- CGI program support 
- Complete daily backups 
- One DNS mapping for your domain name 
- Access to raw history files 
- ISAPI support 
- 20 MB of disk storage

This is a limited time offer so come to and
sign up today!  Thank you.

* Clients must prepay the first six months of service to qualify for one 
time free use of The Central Registry

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