time_t (2000 problem)

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at renault.fr
Thu Aug 6 09:33:44 UTC 1998

Guy Harris wrote:
> > > > That is a thing I am interested in investigating.
> What is the thing in question?

I am sorry to all you guys at tz list.
I did a mistake when privately discussing with Stephen.

All right, some more explanations:
we had discussions in both news:comp.std.c and the
C committee (WG14) about extensions to the Standard C
library about time.
I am searching people interested to further investigate
this area, and I proposed it to Stephen.
To improve its knowledge, I give him the address of
tz list, which I find is among the most relevant source
in this area.
But I did it wrong, and I copied the list; hence you
received the previous message about it.

So, sorry again for annoying everybody here.

Best regards,


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