Time zone suggestions for draft-ietf-calsch-ical-08.txt

Pete O'Leary poleary at amplitude.com
Sat Aug 8 21:10:23 UTC 1998


I assume you mean globally-scoped names together with their corresponding
VTIMEZONE component?

I think this is a really good idea as well, but it's a fairly signifigant
undertaking. There is alot of information in the Olson work than needs to be
converted into iCalendar VTIMEZONE format. From the looks of it, this could
be done semi-automatically.

Any takers? I could be impelled into leading this effort, but I think we'll
need to discuss the scope of this in Chicago.


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> > * A more consistent naming strategy for TZIDs.  The current draft is
> >   inconsistent: for the same time zone it sometimes says
> >   "America-New_York", sometimes "America-New York", and sometimes
> >   other things like "Eastern".  TZIDs are arbitrary, but a good naming
> >   convention can help reduce the number of errors, ease maintenance,
> >   and improve interoperability.
> What I'd really like to see is a separate document defining
> globally-scoped timezone names.  That way, TZIDs don't have to be
> arbitrary.  I would think that such a document would want to use a
> subset of the names in the Olsen database.  e.g. "/US/Eastern"

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