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Steffen Thorsen straen at
Tue Dec 29 11:04:45 UTC 1998

Dear Sirs,

Nicaragua seems to be back at -6:00 but I have not been able to find when
they changed from -5:00, so I have not included any patch for this change.
(I got this information from a citizen in Managua. I've also tried
telnet 13 which is located there, and it shows -6:00 to UTC)

It seems like Fiji has started using DST now, but they provide information
only for the change this year. I have tried to make a diff for australasia
and had to make a new rule for "Fiji" because of the DST.  Patch for Fiji
is included at the end. 

Leo Brandewie <lbrand at> got this information from the Fiji


Here's what I got back from the Fijian Government. Note that it fails to
provide general rules, and due to a nasty coincidence we cannot infer
them without risk. Since Nov. 1 and Feb 28 are both Sundays, we can
assume but not prove that it starts on the first Sun. in Nov. and ends
on the last Sun. in Feb.

Hope this helps,


  [ Part 2: "Included Message" ]

Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 14:20:20 +0000
From: Fiji Government <info at>
To: Leo Brandewie <lbrand at>
Subject: Re: Daylight Savings


Below is a Government press release on the 5th of October on Daylight

"The Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations, Mr Vincent Lobendahn
declared Daylight Saving to commence on November 1st, 1998.

 This means that at 2am on Sunday 1 November, clocks will be put forward
to 3am and at 3am on Sunday 28 February 1999, clocks will be put back to

 The concept of daylight saving means that extra daylight will be
available at the end of each day during the daylight saving period.

 The advantages of of daylight saving include: more time for sport, family
recreation, gardening and other outdoor activities, savings in respect of
electricity, reduction in nightime road accidents, increase in economic
activity, with longer daylight hours for productive work activities,
benefits to tourism by making best use of available daylight.

 According to a spokesman from the Ministry of Labour and Industrial
Relations, Sunday morning has been chosen to ensure the least disruption
to work activities as only shift workers employed at that time will be

  The spokesman said the people will have to put their clocks forward by
one hour before they go to bed on Saturday 31 October, which will ensure
their time is correct when they wake up on Sunday morning.

 The same will apply on Saturday, 27 February next year, except that
people will need to put their clocks back by one hour before they go to

 However, shift workers employed at the time that clocks are officially
changed will be affected.

 This means that a shift worker working an eight hour night shift starting
at 10pm on Saturday 31 October and finishing at 6am on Sunday, 1 November
1998 will start and finish at those times but will work only seven hours
due to the change in time.

 However, the person will still be entitled to eight hours pay.
And a person who works the same shift from 10pm on Saturday 27 February
until 6am on Sunday 28 February 1999 will work nine hours due to the
change in time.

 The person must be paid for the extra hour and if the contract of service
provides for overtime to be paid after eight hours, he or she would be
entitled to the overtime rate of pay for the ninth hour of work."


diff -u australasia.old australasia
--- australasia.old     Thu Sep 24 16:46:09 1998
+++ australasia Tue Dec 29 11:31:06 1998
@@ -197,9 +197,15 @@
 Zone   Indian/Cocos    6:30    -       CCT     # Cocos Islands Time
 # Fiji
+# Rule NAME    FROM    TO      TYPE    IN      ON      AT      SAVE    LETTER/S
+Rule   Fiji    1998    only    -       Nov     1       2:00    1:00    -
+Rule   Fiji    1999    only    -       Feb     28      3:00    0:00    -
 # Zone NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]
 Zone   Pacific/Fiji    11:53:40 -      LMT     1915 Oct 26     # Suva
-                       12:00   -       FJT     # Fiji Time
+                       12:00   -       FJT     1998 Nov 1
+                       12:00   Fiji    FJT     # Fiji Time
 # French Polynesia
 # Zone NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]

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