Update of the CIA World Factbook : no more TZ map

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at renault.fr
Thu May 14 15:28:18 UTC 1998

Hi all,

While browsing the CIA World factbook, I noticed that they have
upgraded to 1997 version, which is very nice IMHO.

However, from our point point of view, this is not *that* nice,
because they removed completely (unless I missed something)
the TZ map of the world (and TZ informations about the countries
as well, except a note about Kiribati moving the intl' date line).

So the file www.htm should be updated to remove completely
the present links.  I do not know if we should keep the reference
to this work.  Note there is another reference to this map in the
`asia' file (about Mongolia), which should be removed too.


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