proposed tz changes for Davis Station, Palestine, etc.

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at
Mon May 25 03:26:14 UTC 1998

>Since we're probably going to change the tz code anyway to address the
>posix/right problem, I cobbled together all the other proposed tz
>changes that I've been saving up.  Here they are:


>* At the suggestion of someone who's coordinating this data with ISO
>  country codes, the Clipperton and Midway entries belong in the
>  australasia file, as this munges political boundaries less.
>  Clipperton is administered from French Polynesia, and Midway is
>  one of the US Minor Outlying Islands.


In the australsia file, how about including Cocos (nearer to Christmas
Island than Christmas Island is to Australia) and Norfolk (admittedly
further from Australia than, say, New Caledonia, but still closer to
Australia's east coast than Perth is) in the "Australian miscellany"
section, since they belong to Australia?

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