Time zone converter bug report

Dee Ann Abel dee at burbs.com
Mon May 25 20:22:13 UTC 1998

Time zone gurus,

I use the time zone database developed by this group in my time zone
converter (http://www.burbs.com/cgi-bin/tzconvert.pl).  I refer to it in
the help files for the converter as the "NIH database" but that isn't
really right.  How should I refer to this database?

I had a few bugs in the interface (I've addressed most of them), and
decided to put a "bug reporter" up.  

Through this I expect that from time to time I will receive reports like
this one, below.  I thought I'd forward them on to this list so that they
could either be explained or addressed.


Dee Ann Abel

Note:  The converter reports that their is currently two hours difference

>Subject: Time zone converter bug report
>userAgent = Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Windows 95)
>appName = Microsoft Internet Explorer
>appVersion = 2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Windows 95)
>email = marylouf at cba.org
>errorType = other
>comments = Saskatchewan only observes daylight savings time in the winter.
 (Currently, there is only a 1 hour time difference between EST and Sask.
>Input_year => 1998
>Input_BugReportForm.x => 10
>Input_BugReportForm.y => 11
>Input_oclock => PM
>Input_day => 25
>Input_tzone1 => Canada/
>Input_tzone2 => East-Saskatchewan
>Input_language => en
>Input_month => 5
>Input_zone1 => Canada/
>Input_zone2 => Eastern
>Input_thetime => 1:00

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