Time zone converter bug report

Dee Ann Abel dee at burbs.com
Tue May 26 11:16:27 UTC 1998

>   Through this I expect that from time to time I will receive reports like
>   this one, below.  I thought I'd forward them on to this list so that they
>   could either be explained or addressed.
>It might be helpful to filter out the ones that you know are obviously
>bogus, or which you can't decipher yourself.  That particular one was
>on the bogus side.  I'll send a reply separately to its originator and
>to you, and not bother the rest of the tz list with it.  It will
>definitely be helpful to send the juicy reports on to the tz list, but
>I'd guess most responses will need to be filtered.

I expect to :)  And I expect, over time, I'll be able to filter more
effectively once I am able to learn from the questions I submit.  In fact,
I'm sure an FAQ will develop addressing questions like this one, southern
Indiana, and Southern Austraila.

Thank you,

Dee Ann Abel

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