Time zone converter, FAQ (kind of)

Dee Ann Abel backgammon at burbs.com
Thu May 28 02:29:25 UTC 1998

Time zone gurus,

I am working on adding some notes to the Burbs Time Zone Converter
(http://www.burbs.com/cgi-bin/tzconvert.pl) that will, I hope, reduce the
number of questions I get.  I have the following so far.  Please let me
know if I there are mistakes or if you have suggestions on something I
should add:

	"The database that this converter is based on has been in widespread use
for more than ten years.  It is well maintained.  Current common
conversions (such as North American, European, Australian, and Japanese
conversions) are most likely correct.",

	"'EST', 'CST', 'MST', and 'PST' do not take into consideration daylight
savings time.  These are US designations.",

	"Keep in mind that Australia's summer, and therefore their daylight
savings time, is opposite the northern hemisphere.",

	"Saskatchewan (Canada) does not observe daylight savings time, and is six
hours behind GMT throughout the year.",

	"Part of Indiana (US), including Indianapolis, does not observe daylight
savings time, and is five hours behind GMT throughout the year.",

	"MST stands for US Mountain Standard Time, not Mid-Europe Summer Time.
Use CET for the time in Central Europe.",

	"EST stands for US Eastern Standard Time.  This is not an Australian time

Thank you!

Dee Ann Abel
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Check http://www.burbs.com/cgi-bin/tzconvert.pl
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