tz interface problems

D. J. Bernstein djb at
Fri May 29 01:48:07 UTC 1998

1. I have code that synchronizes a system to TAI-10 using an NTP=UTC
source. See

2. My specific proposal for /etc/leapsecs.dat is a list of 8-byte leap
seconds in TAI64 format. See For
sample code, see leapsecs* in the clockspeed package.

3. The fact that some operating systems ship with crippled leap-second
support doesn't change the need for easy leap-second updates on other
systems. The fact that a few operating systems make it easy to run zic
doesn't change the need for binary-only installations on other systems.

4. I don't see why anyone should waste time or energy on unused ideas
such as negative leap seconds or rolling leap seconds. There's ample
time to add these features if they are ever necessary. Arguments about
``getting the code right'' are silly: the code will have to be upgraded
anyway in a few thousand years to support some post-Gregorian calendar.


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