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Wednesday, September 2, 1998      

MK protests early end of daylight time

MK Avraham Poraz (Meretz), who initiated the use of daylight time in Israel, has sharply criticized the Interior Ministry decision to end daylight time this Saturday at midnight.

Poraz claimed that this year daylight time, which was supposed to end Oct. 17, has been shortened by 40 days.  According to Poraz, its early end is a "blow to the majority of Israelis who want daylight time until the end of the summer."  The Sept. 5 cutoff is intended to "serve the interests of a small minority of ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Jews who, during the [Hebrew] month of Elul, recite Slihot penitential prayers in the early morning hours and thus find daylight time inconvenient."

This is another example of how Interior Minister Eli Suissa "favors the interests of a small minority at the expense of the interests of the majority," Poraz said.  

Suissa responded that although the law calls for a minimum 150 days of daylight time, this year it has been in force for 170. Regarding Poraz¹s claims about serving the interests of a minority, Suissa said that a committee that probed the entire issue and which generally confirmed the terms of the above law used professional criteria and did not take into consideration the "discomfort" of those who recite the Slihot prayers at this time of year.   

 By Dalia Shehori, Ha¹aretz correspondent 
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