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Wed Sep 9 13:56:09 UTC 1998

Subject : IERS Workshop in Potsdam
	: Last call for paper proposals for topic 2 (Combinations)

Dear Colleagues

Please find thereafter the tentative Combination Session agenda to be held on 
Wednesday 30 September:

Topic 2: Combinations of Data for IERS Products; list of papers as of 9 September

"Combination of Earth Orientation Series from Various Techniques" 
						D. Gambis and E. Eisop
"A Kalman-Filter-Based Approach to Combining Earth Orientation Series" 
						Richard Gross
"Contribution to the problem of combination of the data obtained by different
techniques" 					Jan Vondrak  
"A combined series from length of day measurements: performance and analysis"
				L. I. Fernandez, E. F. Arias , D. Gambis 
"DORIS Orbit Determination Service (SOD)"
				J.P. Berthias, A. Guitart, S. Houry, A. Piuzzi
"On unification and combination of SLR EOP series"
						Zinovy Malkin

"New IGS Realization of ITRF and Simultaneous Combination of Station and
  EOP solutions" 				R. Ferland, J. Kouba, Y Mireault

"Combination of VLBI, GPS and SLR data at the observation level" 
						P.H. Andersen 

"Reference frame combination (of multi-techniques) at the level of
processing"					Sheng Zhu and Christoph Reigber 

"Russian VLBI for astronomy and geodesy: current status and prospects"
						Andrey Finkelstein

Thank you for your eventual comments and suggestions concerning this agenda.

Additional presentation proposals are still welcome. Abstracts should be send 
to :

	Daniel Gambis (gambis at
 and	Joachim Hoepfner (ho at
Thank you 

Best regards

Daniel Gambis

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