Proposal for new ISO C 9x time API

Ken Pizzini ken at
Wed Sep 16 22:27:57 UTC 1998

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Nathan Myers <ncm at> wrote:
> The names strfxtime, xtime_make, and xtime_breakup are inconsistent
> and not ideally chosen.  May I suggest instead
>   xtime_format: "To plan or arrange in a specified form"
>   xtime_compose: "To make or create by putting together parts or elements."
>   xtime_resolve: "To separate (something) into constituent parts."
> respectively?  (Quotes are from the Random House unabridged dictionary.)

There is an old tradition of language design that the language
and its libraries strongly avoid using identifiers starting with
the letter "x" --- a desperate application writer can then blithely
prepenend an "x" to all its first-choice identifiers and be safe.
I'd much prefer to see this tradition upheld; perhaps:
  timex_format, timex_compose, timex_resolve
  time_xformat, time_xcompose, time_xresolve
		--Ken Pizzini

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