Proposal for new ISO C 9x time API

Ken Pizzini ken at
Fri Sep 18 18:34:22 UTC 1998

In tz at message ,
Antoine Leca <Antoine.Leca at> wrote:
> >   Surely we
> > could think of some other, perhaps even more suitable, name
> > for this?  Some ideas:
> >   struct moment
> >   struct instant
> >   struct beat
> >   struct clock
> >   struct chronos
> >   struct tiempo
> >   struct heure
> > (From this list, I somewhat favor "chronos".)
> Me too.
> However, it may not fit well with the rest of the API,
> which is clearly English-biased.

Well, IMO that is largely a historical accident; since we are discussing
an international standard I'm personally not too interested in enforcing
that the language maintain a distinct English bias.  And the Greek word
chronos (Kronos) is used in English as the combinitive form "chrono-"
in several words; provincial English speakers should have no problem
understanding the time-related meaning of "chronos".

Then again, perhaps it is better to stick with "pure English";
I don't know.

> OTOH, struct time is available, too.

Yes, but we still need a name to substitute for the xxx of strfxxx(),
and "time" _is_ taken there.

		--Ken Pizzini

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