FW: dls in Egypt

Olson, Arthur David (NCI) olsona at dc37a.nci.nih.gov
Fri Sep 25 01:37:13 UTC 1998

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From:	Rives McDow [SMTP:rmcdow at ibm.net]
Sent:	Thursday, September 24, 1998 10:59 AM
To:	Olson, Arthur David (NCI)
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Dear Mr. Olson,

     It is fine with me for the questions to be forwarded; I sent it to 
you to avoid the traffic on the list if it is unnecessary.  I thought the 
question I asked would be more pertinent to you and the way your code 
handled the data rather than a question seeking an answer about the data.

     I have regular contacts all over the world regarding local time 
information, and at some point will be running a full comparison with 
your data.  I am interested in corresponding with someone who is familiar 
with the code using the data, and could possibly suggest a method of 
easily generating a listing of all the entries that are currently in use, 
along with the time zone and daylight savings information.  With this in 
a tabulated type of format, I could run a full comparison with my data 
fairly easily.  I am somewhat a beginner at using C, so it will most 
probably take me some time to write a program myself, and other things 
are more pressing.  If you know of someone who is familiar with the code 
and data, please let me know.  I use both the PC and the Mac, but prefer 
to use the Mac because of the ease in working with large files.


Rives McDow

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