Time Zone Names

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at renault.fr
Wed Sep 30 10:48:40 UTC 1998

Markus Kuhn wrote:
> > Interesting example.  Is ``:Paris'' "Paris, France", or "Paris, Texas",
> > or perhaps one of the other half-dozen or so cities named Paris?
> If I had to design proper tz names from scratch, they might look more
> like
>   fr.paris
>   us.tx.paris

You will need to include 3166-2 notation as well for Paris, eg. "fr.75.Paris",
since there are at least 4 places in Metropolitan France with such a name
(add fr.71.Paris_l'Hopital, fr.26.Petit_Paris, fr.62.Paris_Plage).
Of course, one is somewhat bigger that the others. So I had to cheat to
get the names, because my system cleverly answers me only the first when
I was asking about this list...

So, this is just to say that ":Paris", like ":Los_Angeles", should be
unambiguous enough when speaking about *world* time zones, unless a small
city lost in the fields far from the capital in a big country choose to
have its proper history of time, and it this city happens to be named


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