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Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at
Fri Dec 10 02:52:05 UTC 1999

Dear reader,

Partial Macintosh port
Your excellent timezones information is sadly not available to Macintosh
users, apart from the difficult to read text files.
Therefore I have made a HyperCard application, based upon the current, so
not the historical, timezone information in the tzdata directory.
I intend to keep my HyperCard application up to date.

It can be found on my site:
and it has been submitted to Info-Mac.
This application is freeware and can be freely distributed, but not to be
used for commercial applications and not on CD-ROM's.

>From the Read Me
This HyperCard stack by Oscar van Vlijmen can show the time in ALL known
time zones, taking the daylight savings time (summertime) into account.
Enter a time, set a few time zones, and this stack will compute the correct
time in the set time zones. From base
time to zone time and vice versa.
If you enter a date as well, the correct daylight savings time corrections
(summertime) are taken into account.
This version can show up to 12 timezones at once.

Additions, corrections
Compared to your database I have made a separate card (record) for each and
every timezone, including the uninhabited islands.
I have looked up all geographical coordinates, more or less missing from
your database.
Furthermore I have found a few small errors.
For instance, the Brazilian island (Southamerica file) is called Trindade,
not Trinidade.
I think it should be Manahiki island (Australasia file), part of Cook
Islands, not Manihiki. However, the Millennium Edition of the Times atlas
says Manihiki Atoll.
And also part of the Cook Islands: Rakahanga Atoll is more often used than
your Rakehanga. The Times atlas says Rakahanga.
For the moment I follow your ONE Mongolian time zone. I did some
investigations, however not in Mongolia itself, which give the impression
that Mongolia has two timezones. It looks as if the Mongolians themselves
don't know, because some Mongolian Internet sites tell you there is one
zone, others say two. Lonely Planet says two. If you like, I could send you
more details of my investigations.
If someone is interested, I could compile and send you a list of all
geographical coordinates in my application, including the ones I have found.


Oscar van Vlijmen

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