FW: partial Macintosh port

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Fri Dec 10 18:44:54 UTC 1999

   From:	Oscar van Vlijmen [SMTP:o.van.vlijmen at tip.nl]
   Sent:	Thursday, December 09, 1999 9:53 PM

   If you like, I could send you more details of my investigations.

The more details the better!  Particularly useful are corrections to
the existing data, with authoritative references.  Please don't go to
a lot of work formatting the data -- just send us what you have in
straight text format.  (Especially if it's written in Mongolian.  :-)

   the Brazilian island (Southamerica file) is called Trindade, not Trinidade.

Thanks for that correction.

   I think it should be Manahiki island (Australasia file), part of Cook
   Islands, not Manihiki. However, the Millennium Edition of the Times atlas
   says Manihiki Atoll.
   And also part of the Cook Islands: Rakahanga Atoll is more often used than
   your Rakehanga. The Times atlas says Rakahanga.

Thanks for pointing out this discrepancy.  I think we should remove
those atolls from the comments.  They don't belong in the Australia
section, and it's unlikely that their time zone history since 1970
differs from Rarotonga's.

I'll included these fixes in my next batch of proposed changes.

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