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fyi, this was sent to me by an "editor of someting" in Mongolia (sorry for not being more precise). Seems to me like pretty convincing refutation of several time zones in Mongolia. It should be added though that Mr. Lutaa is situated in Ulaanbaatar, not near Dund-Us. A confirmation from that region would seem appropriate.

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Dear Mr. Jesper Nørgaard,

Thank you for your interest in Mongolia and our magazine.

As for the time zoning, indeed Mongolia has time difference. When sun rises
in Eastern provinces its still one hour late in Ulaanbaatar and everybody
sleeps. While Kazakhs prepare for bed in Westernmost province of Byan Ulgii,
the national television program still goes on. My colleagues in radio
stations across the country have this problem.

However, seemingly this does not pose a big problem as in China. And we
adhere to only one time zone GMT +8.0.



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I just wondered if you know if Mongolia has several timezones, or just one
(like China). In Ulaanbaatar you surely have GMT+8.0 e.g. the same as China,
but I don't know if there are other time zones. What about Dund-Us, they
have the same time as you?


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