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Wed Dec 29 09:05:10 UTC 1999

Hi folks,

I've been an observer ("lurker") of this mailing list for some years now.
In my previous life, I used to use the information to provide free timezone
patches for European customers of the operating system my previous company
produced.  My grateful and humble thanks to all of you who have contributed
to the upkeep of this precious resource over the years!

As a small token, here's something for your amusement that I saw in the New
York Times newswire...

I find it amazing that Cameron's Corner in Australia straddles three
timezones.  (But probably this isn't news to anyone on this mailing list!)

Manavendra Thakur
mthakur at

December 29, 1999

'Auld Lang Syne' by 3


SYDNEY, Australia, Dec. 28 -- Party, party, party!

New Year's Eve celebrations at Cameron's Corner, a remote settlement in
Australia's Outback, will be in triplicate, the local bar owner said today.

The tiny village about 740 miles northwest of Sydney straddles three state
boundaries, and three times zones.

This means it will witness the end of the old and the start of the new
millennium not once, not twice, but three times in the space of just one
hour and one minute.

Cameron's Corner's usual population -- four -- is expected to swell to
around 1,000 on Dec. 31 as revelers head there for a millennium party with a

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