Could anyone help

Dave's DHL Mail dkelly at
Wed Dec 29 12:36:54 UTC 1999

Hello Everyone,

First, thanks to all on the list for the useful (and often amusing)
information that's been passed round for the last couple of years.

Next, I wonder if anyone can help with a little light hearted excercise -
I'm afraid my coding isn't up to it and I don't have access to a compiler at
home anyway...

I'd like to produce a list of all the distict beginnings of the new
millenium - listing the zone and UTC time when they will first see the new
millenium, e.g.:

Pacific/Chatham Island     Dec 31  10:15 UTC
Europe/Paris Dec 31 23:00 UTC
Europe/London Jan 1 00:00 UTC

I'd be really grateful if anyone can help with this, or alternatively point
me to a list that already exists on the web somewhere.

Thanks again, and best wishes for *your* new Millennium

Dave Kelly

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