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Wed Dec 29 20:36:29 UTC 1999

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Dave wrote:

>I'd like to produce a list of all the distict beginnings of the new
>millenium - listing the zone and UTC time when they will first see the new
>millenium, e.g.:
>Pacific/Chatham Island     Dec 31  10:15 UTC
>Europe/Paris Dec 31 23:00 UTC
>Europe/London Jan 1 00:00 UTC
>Dave Kelly


I have recently made a Macintosh HyperCard application, based upon the TZ
database information.
Can be found on my site.
Furthermore, I have made a small list with the first zones and the last
zones that will greet the new millennium. This list can be found at:

Without any notice my service provider changed something in the naming of
URL's, resulting in an error if you try to follow the given URL.
My page still exists, use the 'direct' address:


Oscar van Vlijmen

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