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Since May 1994, one small part of mainland Britain has been running on a
different timezone from the rest of the UK.  The exception is Cheriton
Terminal, the rail terminal at the UK end of the Channel Tunnel (run by the
Eurotunnel Concession) at Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent.

Cheriton Terminal runs on Concession Time (abbreviation CT) in winter and
Concession Time (abbreviation CT) in summer.  You might think the names and
abbreviations are confusing and stupid, I couldn't possibly comment.  CT is
formally defined to be equivalent to French Civil Time.  So at present,
given the way the EU timezone rules operate and the fact that the French
have not yet persuaded the EU to let them abandon daylight savings time, CT
is one hour ahead of GMT in winter and one hour ahead of BST in summer.

This information came via Clive Feather of Demon Internet who puzzled many
Demon Internet users by asking which part of the UK was in a different
timezone.  It goes without saying that Clive is a rail enthusiast...


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