standard time in Japanese antarctic stations

Hideyuki Suzuki hideyuki at
Sat Feb 6 07:19:23 UTC 1999

I'd like the following information about Japanese antarctic
stations to be written in tzdata.

Japan has two year-round bases: Syowa and Dome Fuji.

In all Japanese stations, +0300 is used as the standard time.
  ( (Japanese) and
   information from KAMO Hiroyasu <wd at>)

Syowa station, which is the first antarctic station of Japan,
was established on 1957-01-29.  Since Syowa station is still the main
station of Japan, it's appropriate for the principal location.
The location of these stations are:
Showa:     -690022+0393524
Dome Fuji: -771901+0394212
  (, (Japanese))

I noticed that the URL
at the beginning of the file antarctica does not exist.
There is the corresponding page at COMNAP:

-- hideyuki

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