ISO 14652 draft on POSIX date/time/tz

Ulrich Drepper drepper at
Mon Jul 5 18:15:45 UTC 1999

"Joseph S. Myers" <jsm28 at> writes:

> The first thing I wonder about this is what implementation experience
> there is of including timezone specifications in the locale specification
> as this does?  After all, when C9X revisions were being discussed it was
> insisted that any significant new features should be based on previous
> implementation experience!

The timezone stuff in 14652 is completly useless.  The rules and
everything are far more complicated then anything which can be
expressed in the LC_TIME specification.  I complained about this but
since 14652 is now rejected I don't care that much anymore.

All I will do (for glibc 2.2) is to allow the specification determine
the name of the timezone and then the normal tzdata files are
consulted for the real information.

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