Time Zone abbreviations in Brazil

Daniel C. Sobral dcs at newsguy.com
Wed Jul 7 16:45:31 UTC 1999

The changes you quoted seems fine. I'm wondering if, perhaps,
"Western Brazil time" should be called "Northen (sp?) Brazil Time",
since that's the brazilian "region" mostly covered by it (but not
inclusively or exclusively), or "Amazon Time" (for which the same
comments apply).

That is about what I would be recommending, except that I haven't
been able to "crack" the "Western Brazil time"...

Paul Eggert wrote:
> Thanks for your info about Brazilian time zone abbreviations.
> I'm inclined to change the tz database abbreviations from:
>                 std     dst
>         -2:00   FST     FDT     Fernando de Noronha time
>         -3:00   EST     EDT     Eastern Brazil time
>         -4:00   WST     WDT     Western Brazil time
>         -5:00   AST     ADT     Acre time
> to:
>                 std     dst
>         -2:00   FNT     FNST    Fernando de Noronha time
>         -3:00   BRT     BRST    Brasilia time
>         -4:00   WBT     WBST    Western Brazil time
>         -5:00   ACT     ACST    Acre time
> where `std' denotes standard time and `dst' denotes summer time.
> The -3:00 row in the new table seems to match existing practice for
> Brasilia time and Brasilia summer time.  I invented the
> English-language abbreviations, and I also invented the other rows to
> be consistent with the -3:00 row.  I believe that FN and AC are the
> usual 2-letter abbreviations for Fernando de Noronha and Acre, so the
> `WB' row is perhaps the most questionable abbreviation.
> If this seems OK, I'll prepare a full patch along these lines;
> comments and further suggestions are welcome.

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