US vs. European Date Notation

Scott Harrington seh4 at
Wed Jun 2 20:55:13 UTC 1999

The feature on date notations appeared in the 01/06/99 edition of the
Wall Street Journal, including a quote from our illustrious Mr. Kuhn. 
Coincidentally I had picked up the paper in the Boston airport as I was
coming in from France, and had just filled out the dd/mm/yy blanks on
the US customs form that they mentioned in the article.

I liked the use of the term "highfalutin" that someone used to describe
Americans (like myself) that use the day-first notation.  Wonder what
they would say about us using metric paper sizes?  I am kicking myself
for having forgotten to stock up on office supplies whilst in Paris,
especially with the USD so strong.

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