C9X and Time

Ken Pizzini ken at halcyon.com
Wed Sep 1 07:26:56 UTC 1999

On the tz mailing list, message <199908311821.LAA08557 at shade.twinsun.com>,
Paul Eggert <eggert at twinsun.com> wrote:
>Here is is some current work in this area, which can be the start of
>the discussion.

[proposals from D.J. Bernstein, C9x committee, Paul Eggert,
Markus Kuhn, David Tribble]

I also think that the work of POSIX.1b (Section 14: Clocks and
Timers) should be considered.

(I am _not_ saying that it should dictate how the C API should
look, merely that the problems which it attempts to address
should be taken into consideration.)

		--Ken Pizzini

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