tz changes for Australia 2000 Olympics, Jordan, Poland, Brazil, etc.

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Thu Sep 2 17:38:23 UTC 1999

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Paul Eggert wrote:

>  # time of sunrise and sunset in The Times, when BDST was in effect, and
>  # if you find a zone reference it will say, "All times B.D.S.T."
> +# Howse writes (p 157) `DBST'; let's assume this is a typo.
> +

FWIW, although the main records of double summer time in the Public Record
Office (HO 144/22703 and HO 144/22704) are closed for 100 years, some
military cables (WO 219/4100 - this is a copy from the main SHAEF archives
held in the US National Archives, SHAEF/5252/8/516) agree that the usage
is BDST (this appears in a message dated 17 Feb 1945).

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