FW: Installation of tzcode1999e_tar.gz and tzdata1999e_tar.gz

Olson, Arthur David (NCI) olsona at dc37a.nci.nih.gov
Mon Sep 6 16:27:11 UTC 1999

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From:	Luis Miguel Navas Santos [SMTP:lnavas at MyAlert.com]
Sent:	Friday, September 03, 1999 6:25 AM
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Subject:	Installation of tzcode1999e_tar.gz and tzdata1999e_tar.gz

I would like to ask you a question about the installation of these packages in
HP-UX 11.0. 
I have installed them and I have two warnings:
cc: "localtime.c", line 1260: warning 527: Integral value implicitly converted
to pointer in assignment.
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: (Warning) At least one PA 2.0 object file (date.o) was
detected. The linked output may not run on a PA 1.x system.

But up to here, everything is OK (every executable is in the right place, under
the /usr/local/ directory, and the PATH variable is set correctly). I set the TZ
variable to, for example, America/New_York and the date command doesn't give me
the right time.
I have checked the file /usr/bin/locale and it's a  PA-RISC1.1 shared executable
dynamically linked. Maybe that's the problem. Could you tell me how can I update
the version of this file, or how can I compile the package to be able to execute
the included files for the PA 1.1?.
Nevertheless, the directory /usr/lib/locale and its subdirectories don't exist.
This could be another posible mistake. I have checked a Solaris installation and
it exists and works. There is an option in the Makefile which allows to set the
path to the "locale". I don't know what this exactly means. Is it a reference to
the executable file or a reference to the Sun-like subdirectory.
If you could tell me some suggestions or posible solutions I would really
appreciate it.
Thank you in advance,
Luis Miguel Navas.

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