Changes for Jordan, Bulgaria, Tonga and Brazil

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Thu Sep 9 21:14:50 UTC 1999

* Jordan now uses DST time all year long.

In April I reported that Jordan had stopped using DST. Now the government 
will use DST all year long, as reported in this Jordanian newspaper:

"Summer time is back 
Clocks in Jordan were forwarded one hour on Wednesday at midnight, in 
accordance with the government's decision to implement summer time all
year round."

It seems that DST was introduced on 30 June at 24:00 (or 1 July 00:00).
This link might also be of interest:

* Bulgaria
Sofia should probably use rule "EU" after 1997:

Plamen Simenov <P.Simeonov at> reports that DST transitions 
are not at midnight, but a few hours later:

A document of Government of Bulgaria (No.94/1997) says:
EET --> EETDST is in 03:00 Local time in last Sunday of March
EETDST --> EET is in 04:00 Local time in last Sunday of October

* Tonga will introduce DST in November

I was given this link by John Letts <johnletts at>:

I have not been able to find exact dates for the transition in November
yet. By reading this article it seems like Fiji will be 14 hours ahead
of UTC as well, but as far as I know Fiji will only be 13 hours ahead
(12 + 1 hour DST).

* new DST-dates for Brazil (one day longer than reported in another mail
to the list) through
Zero hour of 3 of October of 1999

Zero hour of 27 of February of 2000

DECREE 3.150 of 23 of August of 1999


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