Proposed changes

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at
Mon Sep 20 23:07:40 UTC 1999

I'd prefer that the "default" "DST" rules be the EU ones, partly because
they apply to a considerably larger number of people than the US ones, and
partly to show deference to the rest of the world (for a change?). I know
they haven't been fixed for nearly as long as - and are perhaps more likely
to change in the next few years than - the US ones, but I don't know if
these are good enough reasons to reject them as the default.

I can't quite discern from  the "diff" information provided what's supposed
to have happened in Jordan. Is the country now "permanently" (i.e.
year-round) on UT+03? What is being proposed for the time-zone "suffix"?
Surely not "EEST", meaning, I presume, Eastern European Summer Time?
Shouldn't it rather be the same as other countries in the region (if any)
that are on UT+03 year round?


At 18:22 -0400 1999-09-20, Olson, Arthur David (NCI) wrote:
[all cut: just so it's clear what I'm referring to]

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