St. Johns (+ St.John's and St.John in Canada)

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Thu Sep 23 20:27:04 UTC 1999

A favourite trick questions on Canadian high school geography exams is "St.
John'sis the capital of what province?" Answer = Newfoundland, "Saint John
is an important city in what province?" Answer is New Brunswick.

Please note that the correct spelling of the capital of Newfoundland is "St.
John's" and not "St.Johns".

I do not know if this info is of any use to the problem at hand (apart as a
Trivia question)

Regards - Jake Knoppers

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>    A correspondent was surprised by the "America/St_Johns" time zone
>    which was taken to provide information for the city in the United
>    States Virgin Islands rather than for Newfoundland.
> They were confused about more things than one.  St Johns is in Antigua
> & Barbuda, not in the US Virgin Islands.
>    Should the name of the zone be changed?  Alternately, should an
>    "America/St_Johns_USVI" be provided?
> St_Johns is indeed a troublesome name, but I'd wait for signs of
> confusion from others before doing anything about it.  If we do need
> to disambiguate, I'd suggest renaming the Newfoundland entry instead.

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