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> The files
> and

Different files of the same names were announced on the 23rd; I don't
think having multiple variants of the same version is really recommended

I now have some more information on 1st World War summer time in the
Channel Islands; I have the 1918 orders for Guernsey, Alderney (both
changing on same dates as UK, 2am GMT) and Sark (same dates; start and end
at 2am, start "temps de Greenwich" (not specified as "temps moyen de
Greenwich" which was used in the other orders) and end in an unspecified
zone).  For Jersey the same file (Public Record Office: HO
45/10892/357138) includes letters to the effect that in 1918 and 1919 the
States of Jersey agreed the same start and end dates as the UK (times
unspecified, and it was the 1916 Jersey order that specified change at
midnight of an unspecified zone).

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