time in Argentina

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at agsm.edu.au
Wed Apr 19 07:31:44 UTC 2000

Can someone please tell me whether Argentina did, or did not, discontinue
observing a fixed, year-round time this year (a time that many would
consider "daylight-saving" time), which would have put its clocks back an
hour sometime recently (the first change in a decade)? Its powers-that-be
seem to have changed their minds several times, but the last I heard,
they'd "recinded" the proposal to "introduce daylight-saving time" (quotes
only from memory and therefore questionable), which I took to mean they'd
decided against re-introducing a non-daylight-saving period, because they
seemed to have decided in favour of the status quo, Didn't I read somewhere
that someone claimed that the proposed change would actually cause an
increase in power consumption, rather than a decrease?

This would have to be a classic case of multiple negations combined with
mind-boggling ambiguity and perhaps translation difficulties.


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