FW: Time Zone Issues

Paul Hill phill at myriad.com
Wed Apr 19 19:32:11 UTC 2000

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> And there is no inherent virtue in XML.  The current format has the
> benefit that it is easily parsed by both machines and humans, which
> would be much more difficult in any XML-based scheme.

Generally I have to agree, the current format serves the purpose for which is
was designed. I will point out one small limitation: the comments are not
really part of the structure, therefore if someone every wanted to deliver rules
plus any of the interesting comments about each rule/zone/etc. in some type of
object they could come close but would not get a completely
useful set of organized comments in many cases.

Meanwhile back to Andre-Tascha who started this thread.  He is
is not the first nor only person who wants just the current and
future information and doesn't care about the historical information.
Maybe someone could build an extract utility that could 'query' for
a subset based on a date, producing another file in the same format.
No, I'm not volunteering :-)

Subset by large segment of the world is already available (sort
of by continent in the various separate files).

Are there other any other subsets that people commonly have been
interested in?

Has such a thing already been built?


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