tzcode2000e.tar.gz and tzdata2000e.tar.gz

Paul Eggert eggert at
Tue Aug 1 22:50:03 UTC 2000

   From: "Olson, Arthur David (NCI)" <olsona at>
   Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 09:42:15 -0400

After reading these files, I see that I forgot to include the changes
to the Argentine data submitted by Fabian L. Arce Jofre
<farcejofre at> on 2000-04-04.  Sorry about that.  I posted
these changes to the tz list on 04-18 but forgot to include them again
in my 07-17 summary.

These changes are low priority, as they do not affect the wall clock
time, only the isdst flag and the time zone name for the period
1999-10-03 to 2000-03-05 in Argentina.  So I'll save them up for the
next change summary, and I hope I won't forget this time.

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