FW: Update on Australian Time Zone changes for Olympics

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at agsm.edu.au
Tue Aug 15 02:02:01 UTC 2000

I don't have time to check the latest tzdata, but

1. South Australia, if it does stick to its habit of the last several 
years (and there is renewed debate about that, I heard this morning), 
will start daylight saving on the last Sunday of October, and not 
September 29. Correct me if I'm wrong, but DST has never been started 
at the end of September in Australia (at least not in the 30+ years 
I've been living here).

2. the Worldwide Holiday & Festival Site, 
http://www.holidayfestival.com/, seems to believe that Broken Hill 
(or the shire that contains it, which I can't remember the name of 
right now) will be starting daylight saving with the rest of NSW. 
This I do not believe: it would make it an island of UT+10:30 with 
UT+09:30 to its west and UT+11:00 to its east. Does this reflect the 
current tzdata? If so it needs to be corrected. It would be 
extraordinary in the extreme for Broken Hill not to stick on the same 
time as South Australia, as it has done for I don't know how long.

3: Tweed Heads is contiguous with Coolangatta in Queensland, which is 
at the southern end of the (City of?) Gold Coast. There is a suburban 
street that runs along the border between NSW and Queensland with 
(residential) houses on both sides of it. The runway of Coolangatta 
airport also extends into NSW. Tweed Heads is also in the same local 
telephone area as the Gold Coast.


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>>  Source: Sydney's Sun Herald newspaper, 13 August 2000 page 29
>>  * NSW (and Victoria, Tas, ACT) going onto DST at 2am 27 August 2000
>>  * As usual, no DST in WA, NT and Queensland
>>  Some parts of NSW are different:
>>  - Broken Hill starting DST on 29 September 2000 (following South
>>  Australia)
>>  - Twin Towns Services Club (in Tweed Heads, near the Queensland border)
>>    will maintain Queensland time. The Queensland Premier Peter Beattie
>>    is encouraging northern NSW towns to use Queensland time.
>>  Regards,
>>  Eric Ulevik

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