New Daylight Savings changes for Sydney, Australia.

Burtenshaw, Craig Craig.Burtenshaw at
Mon Aug 28 00:19:03 UTC 2000


With the Olympics being here in a few weeks, we have started Daylight
Savings early.

However, I am trying to work out how to alter the australiasia Time zone
In /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo to start the Daylight Savings NOW and end as per

I was thinking of putting an entry into the file as such:
Rule    Aus     2000    only    -       Aug      25     2:00    1:00

Secondly an Entry in the New South Wales area of
Rule    AN      2000    only    -       Aug     25      2:00s   0

Finally an entry in the Zone Australia/Sydney as below
Zone Australia/Sydney
10:00   Aus     EDST     2000 Aug 25 2:00s

Of should the last entry be
10:00   Aus   EST   2001 Mar lastsun 2:00s

Would this alter the system clock appropriately ??

Or could please you give me some information on how to alter the
daylight savings date?

Craig Burtenshaw

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