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The timezones.external at software.com list is for public discussion of timezone

IANA as part of the IETF is looking into administrating the names of world wide
time zones. This list will be an alias of IETF and non-IETF participants
in porting the 'zic' software and its data format.

There are three goals of this list.

	1) Port the government database and 'zic' (Zone Information Compiler)
	   to other OS's and have it also provide the data in VTIMEZONE
	   format. Most UNIX's use the government database format and the zic
	   compiler (man zic).

	2) Convert the government database into VTIMEZONE records for IANA
	   to administer.

	3) Give away the results to the public domain.

And if someone want to volunteer - make a converter to go from VTIMEZONE format
to zic input format to keep the databases in sync.

This list will go away after the above 3 these goals have been met.

RFC-2445 defines VTIMEZONE.

The government database source, zic source, and other related
source is available from:


To subscribe, send mail to timezones.external-request at software.com
with 'subscribe' in the body of the message.
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