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Fri Feb 4 19:18:03 UTC 2000

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Markus.Kuhn at writes:

> It is much less likely that the respective countries will report
> timezone changes directly to IANA officially.

    I may be the very least qualified on this mailing list to comment
    (since the only other time I've posted concerned my intense 
    interest in discovering the time zone observed by an island
    which spends 6 months/year underwater) but ...

    I can see the advantage of having a web presence to which
    reports, rumors, and hearsay can also be reported, then brought
    to this list for scrutiny.  Perhaps a form page, where such things
    can be entered. 

    I'm trying to imagine the "signal to noise" ratio of a central
    reporting venue like this one, but I can't.  It might be worth a try.

    Cliff Hancuff

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